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Mountain View

Dedicated to helping you grow


Fractional Management: 

  • Provide management services on a part time basis.


  • Provide direction, instruction and training for a service manager or team members to help them succeed.


  • I can support, advise and guide your service manager or team members  to help them in their careers.

Leadership Development: 

  • I can assist current and future team members to become effective performers in their roles.

Key Metrics and Business Analysis: 

  • Being familiar with the key metrics in the printing/MFP industry and excelling in customer satisfaction I can help with strategies to analyze and improve results for your business and your customers.

Team Building: 

  • I can provide support and solutions to help your whole team come together to work as a team for you and want to work for you.

Change Management: 

  • I can help with your transition or transformation in key processes and goals.

Candidate Selection: 

  • I can assist in helping you choose the right candidate for any open roles.

Reach out if you have questions or would like to request a no obligation 30 minute conversation to see what I can do for you.

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