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Why, after 33 years in the corporate world, did I decide to start a business?


After taking an early retirement from Xerox as a Field Service Manager responsible for most of Ontario I had many colleagues reach out to me.  In one of my conversations, the owner of a well established and rapidly growing company asked if I would be interested in coaching their service manager as they dealt with the many facets of the copier/ IT industry that I had been a part of.  After some consideration I decided to work with this company and the feedback on the value that I was able to bring to their operations was very positive, leading to a great relationship with this company and an ongoing partnership.  It became evident that the experience I had attained throughout my career could be shared and help other businesses, be it start ups or established organizations to become more successful themselves through coaching, mentoring and process improvements working with teams either remotely or in person.


In my 33 years with Xerox I not only worked performing field service myself to customers in both rural/remote locations or urban centers, but also eventually supported and managed Service Teams in those areas as well.  I have established relationships with many companies from those years and have a strong understanding of what customers are looking for from a support perspective.  I am extremely familiar with the copier/ multifunction repair industry though my skillset can be adapted to almost any service industry because what matters most is customer satisfaction through a profitably operating service organization with productive, accountable, and happy employees.

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Gabe Tessaro

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